About Temple

Always Question, Always Wonder!

Temple Lester is the gifted, award-winning teen creator of “STEM Girl Swag” and the inventor of the STEM Swag Box. She is an entrepreneur, public speaker, science communicator, and STEM advocate. At age 9, Temple launched a website designed to get more of her peers - especially girls - interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Technology (STEM). Temple’s  science workshops, social media engagements, and motivational talks have exposed more than 100,000 people to STEM!

CEO / Inventor Entrepeneur

The “STEM Swag Box” was created by Temple in 2019 to make STEM-education fun. The STEM Swag Box, exploding with hands-on experiments, has been called “the coolest science kit ever!”. The kits, along with other items from her STEM Girl Swag collection, are sold online and have been purchased by STEM enthusiasts from around the world. Additionally, as part of her mission of exposing as many youths as possible to STEM and filling the gap, Temple created a Go-Fund-Me campaign that has raised in excess of $5,000 to help provide free STEM Swag Boxes to underrepresented youth.

Making An Impact

Temple has delivered keynote speeches, facilitated workshops, and partnered with numerous schools and organizations.

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