Book Club

Book Club

I love to read! In fact, I have more books than I have clothes…. And that’s a lot. Because I really like fashion too.

Reading is really important. By reading a lot, I’ve learned tons of new words and I’m pretty good a predicting how a book will end.
Joining my book club is really simple. Each month, I share the “Book of the Month”. This is a book that I think is interesting and at the end of the month we will discussed it. Sometimes we meet in person but most of the time we’ll meet virtually!

I will give my review of the book and you can also leave your comments too. (I’m really looking forward to that part.)
If I’m lucky, I may even get a chance to meet the author or illustrator. Most of the books are for grades 2nd-6th. Don’t worry I make suggestions for younger book lovers too.

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