My Nation’s Capitol Tour Washington D.C.

I wrote to my state Congressman to get into the U.S. Capitol building. We had to write why we were going. Then we got a letter! We got a tour of the U.S. Capitol.  I really had my fingers crossed for the White House tour but the U.S. Capitol was just as cool.


On my first night in D.C. I visited the Washington Monument. It was so tall! It’s right across from the White House. Later that night, we went to the Lincoln Memorial. It is made of white marble, with a lot of stairs. The next day as we were goinIMG_0022g to the U.S. Capitol Building,  we saw the Library of Congress and we said ” Let’s make a pit stop here.” I learned things like, Benjamin Franklin was a Congressman ( he invented electricity).

After that, we went to the U.S. Capitol Building. We got a personal tour on Independence Day (4th of July)


The first museum we went to was the Spy Museum. It was awesome! We got to use different identities. Then, we toured the IMG_0105museum part. We learned about some well known spies like, Josephine Baker.  Next, we went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. They had the first airplane there! Air and Space Museum had lots of cool astronomy things.  Later, we went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. We learned what the first humans looked like. They looked like gorillas! I even got to morph and see what I would look like (scary).  The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial was one of my favorite places.  I walked around and read all of his quotes that were etched in to the walls.




There was so much to do in Washington, DC, I am definitely going to visit our Nation’s Capitol again!


Personal Tour Guide                       Arlington National Cemetery           Statue of Rosa Park




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