Alpine Village in Helen, Georgia

I visited Helen, Georgia with my mom and grandma on Mother’s Day.   Helen is the state’s third most visited city.  It’s only about an hour and half north of Atlanta.  Helen was originally the home to the Cherokee until the  European settlers came looking for the gold and the timber. Today, people come for Helen’s  Blue Ridge Mountain.

On our way to Helen, we made a stop at Babyland General Hospital. That’s were the Cabbage Patch Kids are born.  I got a chance to see the nursery and some of the first Cabbage Patch dolls that were ever made.   We saw everyone gathering under a glowing tree, then it was a special moment because we saw a baby being born (BBB). The color  of the hole in the tree tell you if it’s a boy or girl.  The tree turned the  pink ; it was a girl!

IMG_8411 IMG_8396IMG_8404

IMG_8393 IMG_8392

When we arrived in Helen. GA, we met my mom’s friend and her mother to site-see and eat.  We ate lunch at a cool restaurant  looking out at the Chattahoochee River.  My favorite part was watching the people cruise down the Hooch on tube- rafts.   (My dad and I tried it once and it rained on us!)   The city of  Helen looks like a little German town.


Helen is a cool place to walk around and eat.  There were candy shops,  Ice cream parlors and plenty of gift shops.  The chocolate-covered strawberries were scrumptious and the double scoop of chocolate ice cream was gigantic.


I enjoyed the scenery on the way back to the city.  You should definitely go visit Helen, GA.




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