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Bubbling Up… at the World of Coke in Atlanta!!!


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Coke… it’s what you need to make a friend, or pick you up when you’re down. Well, to me it is! I got an opportunity to explore the amazing World of Coke, in my hometown of Atlanta, GA, with one of my best friends, Erin. It was my first time going since I was about 3yrs old(and Erin’s first time going). We learned about Coca-Cola’s secret formula in The Vault, Coca-Cola’s history, and got to try over one-hundred different sodas(owned by Coca-Cola) from every continent. I even got to hold the 1996 Olympic Torch! My adventure at The World of Coke was one of the best experiences in my life!

The first thing my mom, Erin, and I did was go in The Vault! In there, we got to learn what happened throughout Coke’s amusing history! It was like we were spies trying to steal the secret formula. There were even games! One of the games, we were trying to make the exact formula for Coca-Cola( when I did it, mine was a little flat). Then,you learned about who made Coke and what happened to it. One thing I learned was that the only time Coke was not being produced in Atlanta, GA, was when it was sold to somebody in New York, NY in the early 1900’s(it was moved back in Atlanta later that decade). Now all we can know, as the people of the world, is that only two people in the universe know the secret formula, yet they only know one half each! But, the World of Coke does have the only written document of the formula. This was super exciting to explore!!!

While we were on this exciting adventure, we got to try over 100 flavors of Coke products from around the world! This was a super awesome, yet crazy challenge to do! My favorite continent(that wasn’t North America) would have had to been Asia! My least favorite was definitely Europe, especially Italy!!! You can try it if you want to. Trying the sodas from all around the world!!!

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My adventure at the World of Coca-Cola was phenomenal! I learned all about the history of something almost everyone in this world loves, Coca-Cola! This is a very important part of my history since I’m not just from Georgia, but Atlanta, Georgia where Coke was created! Coke is life!!!!!!

I give the World of Coke Image result for heart emoji Image result for heart emoji  Image result for heart emoji Image result for heart emoji!


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My Nation’s Capitol Tour Washington D.C.

I wrote to my state Congressman to get into the U.S. Capitol building. We had to write why we were going. Then we got a letter! We got a tour of the U.S. Capitol.  I really had my fingers crossed for the White House tour but the U.S. Capitol was just as cool.


On my first night in D.C. I visited the Washington Monument. It was so tall! It’s right across from the White House. Later that night, we went to the Lincoln Memorial. It is made of white marble, with a lot of stairs. The next day as we were goinIMG_0022g to the U.S. Capitol Building,  we saw the Library of Congress and we said ” Let’s make a pit stop here.” I learned things like, Benjamin Franklin was a Congressman ( he invented electricity).

After that, we went to the U.S. Capitol Building. We got a personal tour on Independence Day (4th of July)


The first museum we went to was the Spy Museum. It was awesome! We got to use different identities. Then, we toured the IMG_0105museum part. We learned about some well known spies like, Josephine Baker.  Next, we went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. They had the first airplane there! Air and Space Museum had lots of cool astronomy things.  Later, we went to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. We learned what the first humans looked like. They looked like gorillas! I even got to morph and see what I would look like (scary).  The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial was one of my favorite places.  I walked around and read all of his quotes that were etched in to the walls.




There was so much to do in Washington, DC, I am definitely going to visit our Nation’s Capitol again!


Personal Tour Guide                       Arlington National Cemetery           Statue of Rosa Park




Alpine Village in Helen, Georgia

I visited Helen, Georgia with my mom and grandma on Mother’s Day.   Helen is the state’s third most visited city.  It’s only about an hour and half north of Atlanta.  Helen was originally the home to the Cherokee until the  European settlers came looking for the gold and the timber. Today, people come for Helen’s  Blue Ridge Mountain.

On our way to Helen, we made a stop at Babyland General Hospital. That’s were the Cabbage Patch Kids are born.  I got a chance to see the nursery and some of the first Cabbage Patch dolls that were ever made.   We saw everyone gathering under a glowing tree, then it was a special moment because we saw a baby being born (BBB). The color  of the hole in the tree tell you if it’s a boy or girl.  The tree turned the  pink ; it was a girl!

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When we arrived in Helen. GA, we met my mom’s friend and her mother to site-see and eat.  We ate lunch at a cool restaurant  looking out at the Chattahoochee River.  My favorite part was watching the people cruise down the Hooch on tube- rafts.   (My dad and I tried it once and it rained on us!)   The city of  Helen looks like a little German town.


Helen is a cool place to walk around and eat.  There were candy shops,  Ice cream parlors and plenty of gift shops.  The chocolate-covered strawberries were scrumptious and the double scoop of chocolate ice cream was gigantic.


I enjoyed the scenery on the way back to the city.  You should definitely go visit Helen, GA.




NOLA “Let the Good Times Roll”

On my first night in New Orleans, I went to a restaurant called Mulate’s.  Mulate’s had delicious New Orleans food and music.  We watched this elderly man was dance with his wife.  They had some awesome dance moves.   Then the man came and asked me to dance, so I did it!  The songs they were playing were around the man’s age.

The next day I went on a Steamboat. There were only two real Steamboats in the U.S.A. and I was on one. I was on the Nachez Stem Boat. I got to meet the captain of the boat and see the engine room!  It was hot and steamy in there but quite interesting.  The paddle wheel was my favorite part of the steamboat.

On the next day I went to the Audubon Zoo.   The First thing I saw when I walked in was  a lady/zoo-keeper letting a python lose out of a cooler (Whoa).  Then I saw animals like primates, sea creatures, amphibians, reptiles and mammals! Next there was a water park! Which was my favorite.  I swam down the lazy river and had a great view of the elephants!

Almost everyday I went to the best café that has Beignets  on this side of the Mississippi. It’s called Café du Monde! Beignets  are French donuts and they’re so delicious! What makes them so good is the powdered sugar.  They have the best Beignets  and coffee (not that I drink it) in New Orleans and probably in the US!

The annual French Quarter Festival was going on during my visit.  It was lots of great music, food and people from all over.!

Like they say in New Orleans “Laissez les bon temps roulez!”  Its Cajun for  “Let the good-times roll!” 


Cirque du Soleil- Kurious, Atlanta, GA



I am very familiar with the UniverSoul and the Ringling Brothers Circuses, in fact I go yearly. Well, this year I went to Cirque du Soleil to see Kurious. When the clock struck 11:11, all type’s magical things began. It was similar to the traditional circus but more like a live musical. There was a live band and a singer that song throughout the show. I had front row seats which made it even more spectacular because I got to touch and see the performers up close.

The show was hosted by a mad scientist, a man with a giant brain, a dancing lady, two boys who resembled tweedledee and tweedledum from Alice in Wonderland and a man that reminded me of a clown. He didn’t talk; he made sound effect and gestures. He was hilarious especially the scene when he pull a lady out the audience and acted like a cat and a bird. I was blown away by the Asian acrobats. Their costumes were spectacular. It was a mixture between an octopus and some other type of sea creature. Some of their moves were unbelievable. Kurious had many wow moments. The performer dressed like a delivery lady on a bike was one of those moments. She did all sorts of things on her bike including riding it upside down. I recently learn to ride a bike but nothing like this.


Some other really cool moments were when the scientist was having a dinner party and the Chandelier flew away.  He stacked the chairs on top of the table high into the sky, then stood on them trying to reach Chandelier. Now this is the cool part, there were people who looked just like the people at the dinner party but they were upside down on the ceiling (you had to be there). There was also a tiny little lady who lived inside this man’s fat stomach. Pretty weird huh?



I think that you and your family should go! There are a lot more shows. Not just in Atlanta but all over the country.   Some can be inappropriate for kids, so you should go to this one first!

For information about Cirque Du Soleil and this show visit www.cirquedusoleil.com/kurios





I’m out… and About!



RACE- The Jesse Owens Story (Movie Premiere)


I got a chance to attend the Atlanta Red-Carpet Premiere of the Movie Race.  I even got a chance to meet the star of the movie, Stephan James.  He plays Jesse Owens.  Jesse Owens is a famous African American track and field star.  The movie was about the his early life and showed how became a gold medalist and the fastest man alive.  He had to overcome a lot of racism in Germany during the Olympics in Berlin and in the United States at Ohio State University.

The Atlanta Premiere was really cool.  There were many celebrities at the event but my favorite part was meeting Ambassador Andrew Young.

I give this movie two thumbs up!











Stephan James (Actor)                    Ambassador Andrew Young





Me on the Red Carpet

Meet and Greet with El Deafo author Cece Bell

I got a chance to meet New York Times Bestselling Author, Cece Bell.  Her book El Deafo is awesome.  It’s about a little girl who’s deaf that realizes her hearing aid gives her super powers.  Thanks Ms. Bell for signing my book. You rock!


el deafoIMG_6753









Aubrey, Cece Bell and Me!                                                   My autographed book!