Bubbling Up… at the World of Coke in Atlanta!!!


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Coke… it’s what you need to make a friend, or pick you up when you’re down. Well, to me it is! I got an opportunity to explore the amazing World of Coke, in my hometown of Atlanta, GA, with one of my best friends, Erin. It was my first time going since I was about 3yrs old(and Erin’s first time going). We learned about Coca-Cola’s secret formula in The Vault, Coca-Cola’s history, and got to try over one-hundred different sodas(owned by Coca-Cola) from every continent. I even got to hold the 1996 Olympic Torch! My adventure at The World of Coke was one of the best experiences in my life!

The first thing my mom, Erin, and I did was go in The Vault! In there, we got to learn what happened throughout Coke’s amusing history! It was like we were spies trying to steal the secret formula. There were even games! One of the games, we were trying to make the exact formula for Coca-Cola( when I did it, mine was a little flat). Then,you learned about who made Coke and what happened to it. One thing I learned was that the only time Coke was not being produced in Atlanta, GA, was when it was sold to somebody in New York, NY in the early 1900’s(it was moved back in Atlanta later that decade). Now all we can know, as the people of the world, is that only two people in the universe know the secret formula, yet they only know one half each! But, the World of Coke does have the only written document of the formula. This was super exciting to explore!!!

While we were on this exciting adventure, we got to try over 100 flavors of Coke products from around the world! This was a super awesome, yet crazy challenge to do! My favorite continent(that wasn’t North America) would have had to been Asia! My least favorite was definitely Europe, especially Italy!!! You can try it if you want to. Trying the sodas from all around the world!!!

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My adventure at the World of Coca-Cola was phenomenal! I learned all about the history of something almost everyone in this world loves, Coca-Cola! This is a very important part of my history since I’m not just from Georgia, but Atlanta, Georgia where Coke was created! Coke is life!!!!!!

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Cirque du Soleil- Kurious, Atlanta, GA



I am very familiar with the UniverSoul and the Ringling Brothers Circuses, in fact I go yearly. Well, this year I went to Cirque du Soleil to see Kurious. When the clock struck 11:11, all type’s magical things began. It was similar to the traditional circus but more like a live musical. There was a live band and a singer that song throughout the show. I had front row seats which made it even more spectacular because I got to touch and see the performers up close.

The show was hosted by a mad scientist, a man with a giant brain, a dancing lady, two boys who resembled tweedledee and tweedledum from Alice in Wonderland and a man that reminded me of a clown. He didn’t talk; he made sound effect and gestures. He was hilarious especially the scene when he pull a lady out the audience and acted like a cat and a bird. I was blown away by the Asian acrobats. Their costumes were spectacular. It was a mixture between an octopus and some other type of sea creature. Some of their moves were unbelievable. Kurious had many wow moments. The performer dressed like a delivery lady on a bike was one of those moments. She did all sorts of things on her bike including riding it upside down. I recently learn to ride a bike but nothing like this.


Some other really cool moments were when the scientist was having a dinner party and the Chandelier flew away.  He stacked the chairs on top of the table high into the sky, then stood on them trying to reach Chandelier. Now this is the cool part, there were people who looked just like the people at the dinner party but they were upside down on the ceiling (you had to be there). There was also a tiny little lady who lived inside this man’s fat stomach. Pretty weird huh?



I think that you and your family should go! There are a lot more shows. Not just in Atlanta but all over the country.   Some can be inappropriate for kids, so you should go to this one first!

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